3 Tips On How To Save on Teen Car Insurance

Insuring a teen is expensive, no matter if you add the teen to his parents’ policy or they start a new policy. This happens because teens are considered inexperienced drivers, with some youth-specific bad driving habits. And insurance companies want to compensate for potential claims, by increasing premiums. Still, there are 3 effective ways to save on car insurance. Find out more and get online car insurance quotes free.

  1. Check for programs that reward good students. The grades a teen earns can lower the insurance costs. This is something you may have to ask for, so if your student driver is earning a minimum of a B average, contact your insurance agent. Before you call, make sure to have proof of the student’s academic prowess. A report card will suffice in most cases. Home-schooled students can also get this discount, after providing results from standardized tests.
  2. Opt for Usage-Based-Insurance. Typically, installing telematics is required. Telematics are electronics that record and report on a driver’s habits. The sent info allows the companies to create a risk profile, by observing the driving habits. Depending on how well the teen drives, the value of the discount can range from anything between 5% and 40%. Telematics data can help you improve your driving skills, by allowing you to make better decisions.
  3. Avoid buying a new, shiny car. The reason teens cost more to insure is these inexperienced drivers tend to have more accidents, so buying a new car is going to mean higher repair costs even if they just have a minor incident. Buying an older car that has good safety ratings won’t just mean lower repair costs and lower monthly car payments, it will cost less to insure the teen.

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