Easiest to Obtain Car Insurance Discounts

Getting discounts is the best way to make auto insurance more affordable.  And there are so many insurance discounts available. You just need to know which ones are the most common types of car insurance discounts and see if you match.  Find out which are the easiest to obtain car insurance discounts and get an auto insurance online quote to compare prices.

  1. Hand with money and toy car isolated on white background

    Hand with money and toy car isolated on white background

    Low mileage discount. Driving less than the average U.S. citizen is greatly rewarded by the auto insurance companies. Although there is no standard threshold, because each company sets its own discount plan, you generally can save several hundreds of dollars by driving less.  On a long term, you can save thousands, especially if you stick with the same carrier.

  2. Multiple coverage discount. If you are willing to insure more than just one vehicle or more than just the vehicle with the same insurance provider, it is likely you will get a lower price than insuring them separately or with different carriers.
  3. Defensive driving discount. Graduating approved defensive driving programs will allow you to ask for discounts. Typically, the discount is around 5-10% for a number of years. It will also help you avoid having your license suspended and remove several points from your record.
  4. No claims discount. If you did not make any claims in the recent years, typically in the past 5 years, your insurance provider should give you a discount. After all, you only brought profit to the company in those past years.
  5. Loyalty discount. Being a loyal customer should also bring financial rewards and most companies are aware of this. In order to get the bonus, you must stay with the company for at least 3 years, but there are companies who require you to stay for at least 5 years, in order to get a loyalty bonus.

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