Hit and Run Accidents and Car Insurance

A hit and run accident is any accident in which a driver deliberately leaves the scene without offering details for contact and exchanging insurance info. This may happen after a collision, when one of the parties speeds off or when a driver hits a parked car then runs away.  What a hit-and-run driver leaves behind is suffering and bills. If you are victim of a hit-and-run accident, you must contact authorities and your insurer and present all details.  Many drivers will have second thoughts about contact insurers. Find out more about hit and run accidents and car and get quotes from the best car insurance company.

Two cars in collision on roadway

Two cars in collision on roadway

If your car is hit by another vehicle, which then leaves the scene, the first thing you should do is to record any information about the vehicle you are able to see (license plates, car make and model, color, etc). You will provide this info to both the police and your insurer. If you weren’t around when the accident happened, check if the area is not monitored by surveillance cameras.  They may help you track the at-fault driver.   Then, call the police and your insurer.

Because there is no other driver to blame and to ask for insurance, a hit and run accident will be taken care of under your own policy. A hit and run will be covered under your collision coverage, which is why you will have to pay the deductible associated with this coverage. If a passenger in your car is also injured, they too will be covered under the policy covering your vehicle.

Hit-and-run accidents will significantly raise your auto insurance rates for at least three to four years. Many car insurance providers keep such accidents on your record for up to seven years. Even more serious than the accident is the failure to notify the insurer about the accident.

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