How Fast Can You Get Online Auto Insurance Quotes

If you need insurance in a hurry, using a specialized website, you can receive an instant auto insurance quote and purchase it right away. That can be handy in a lot of situations – when you realize your car insurance has lapsed or if you’ve purchased a new vehicle and you urgently need coverage. Find out how fast you can get online auto insurance quotes.

# auto-insurance-discountsThe easiest way to check and compare quotes is to use free quotes from online providers, because that way you will be under no obligation to purchase, and it is completely free of charge.  There are some companies that advertise that they can provide quotes really fast. For example, GEICO is known for its motto: “Save $500 or more by spending 15 minutes or less for a personalized quote”. General Auto also says that they can provide a quote in approximately 2 minutes.

Specialized insurance quote websites will give you quotes from multiple auto insurance providers within seconds so that you all you will have to do is to compare before you decide which one is the best for you. This, of course, can be done from the comfort of your own room. In contrast to the old practice of calling a car insurance company representative or talking with an insurance agent, using a comparison site can be done faster with much ease.

This is also a benefit for drivers who are curious about insurance quotes but are not attracted to the thought of dealing with an agent or the lengthy process of calling company representatives. Within just a few minutes, you can have a handful of quotes at your disposal. Comparison sites also save drivers from doing repetitive and boring tasks in order to generate auto insurance quotes.

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