How To Get Car Insurance After A DUI

Trying to find affordable car insurance after a DUI can be a very unpleasant experience. It is quite possible that you will be dropped by your current insurer. The best thing it can happen is to have your insurance rate increased. The national average auto insurance premium increase after receiving a DUI is 75.3% a year, though the range of percentage increase varies greatly from state to state and from insurer to insurer. That’s not including possible legal fees and other penalties you will receive. It will cost you more, but eventually, you will need to get back on the road and that means you will need auto insurance.  Read our blog on how to get car insurance after a DUI and scan the market for cheap car insurance quotes.

DUIIf you’re convicted of a DUI, it’s time to shop around for car insurance, even if your current carrier hasn’t dropped you. Because your offense has modified your risk profile, your insurer may no longer provide the cheapest coverage available on the market. Obtain quotes from several competitors to get a range of prices and options.

You must determine whether each insurer will cover you at all, whether it supports SR-22 filings and whether it will ask you to buy high-risk insurance. Different insurers will give different weight to your DUI, along with the rest of your risk profile resulting in different quotes. Once you have all the info, you can opt to stick with your current provider or change it.

No matter where you find insurance after a DUI, expert advice is useful. Some drivers find they get better ideas from an independent agent who represents multiple car insurance companies. These agents can discuss a variety of insurance options, as well as state insurance regulations. They may also be able to recommend smaller, local carriers in addition to the big names. And those carriers may provide better support those who recently have been convicted of DUI/DWI. Check the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America’s provider locator for an agent in your area.

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