How to Prevent Car Accidents!

Find out how to prevent car accidents and get auto insurance quotes from our website.  Here are our tips:

  1. Scene fall of the car

    Scene fall of the car

    Always be on the look-out. Whenever you are driving, make sure to monitor the traffic and correctly assess potential dangers. Scanning the road and traffic ahead and behind gives you time to react for sudden changes.

  2. Avoid speeding. Driving with high speed impairs your react time for sudden changes. It is recommended not to drive with speeds higher than the legal limit in an area. Plus, it is known the fact that police stays hidden, waiting for speeders.
  3. Pay attention to blind-spots. You can adjust your side mirrors and rearview mirror to provide you good angles of the view behind you. But you should also look directly into the lanes beside you to avoid missing something left undetected by your mirrors.  Also consider the blind spots for other drivers around you, especially truckers, and try to minimize the amount of time you spend in them.
  4. Avoid tailgating. No matter how slowly traffic is moving, keep at least two seconds of following distance between you and the car in front of you. Less than this and you won’t be able to stop in time if the driver in front of you suddenly pushes the brakes.
  5. Avoid distracted driving. Distracted driving is a common driving problem nowadays. We all have all sorts of smartphones and gadgets and we like to use them. And there are many other factors.  Whenever you drive you should make no calls, no texting, no eating, no reading, no grooming or application of makeup, and talking while behind the wheel.
  6. Provide proper maintenance to your car. You must always keep your car in a good shape and bring it to inspection periodically. Mechanics will insure that the car accelerates, stops and steers when we need it to.

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