Questions to Ask your Auto Insurance Agent Before Renewing Policy

Note the following questions to ask your auto insurance agent before renewing policy. Also, get quotes from cheap auto insurance company on our website.

  • Car insurance policyCan I change the value of deductibles? If you changed them ask how much of a difference would them make in your premiums. Although that accessing a high level of deductibles will make you pay less on premiums, make sure that you apply for a value that you can actually pay.
  • Ask to review the current information held by the insurer. Make sure that your auto policy has correct information about you and your car. The insurance company must be notified about major changes in your life related to marital status, health condition, job changes and adding new drivers.
  • Ask the insurer about full coverage. If you have an older vehicle, you may not need collision and comprehensive coverage. Ask the agent if it is worth keeping those policies.
  • Ask if you can change the workshop. Each insurer has a list with their authorized and supported workshop. Insurers will advise you to go to their promoted shop, thus saving them money.  But if you consider that you’ve found a better workshop, negotiate over that before renewing.  Ask if changing the workshop to a preferred one will increase the premiums.
  • Ask about no claim discounts. Having two or three years of consecutive insurance without making any claims should make you eligible for a series of discounts.  Furthermore, the no-claims bonus works best with a loyalty discount.
  • How will claims be handled? When it comes to customer service, some insurers have the very strict procedures and are not willing to negotiate. And if you had a hard time dealing with them previously, don’t presume that your complaints would have fixed their process. Just consider switching to different insurer instead.

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