The Most Dangerous States for DUI

Due to higher-than-average alcohol consumption and plenty of bad weather, Northern states in the Midwest and West are the most dangerous for drunken driving, according to a survey obtained by USA TODAY. Check the list with the most dangerous states for DUI and if you live there, you should get auto insurance online quotes. Being branded as a high-risk state will certainly influence car insurance rates back there.

finnish-police-enforce-breath-testNorth Dakota ranked first in fatalities and in driving-under-the-influence arrests in 2015, according to the study by, a site that allows people to compare insurance companies.

Montana was second, with the highest cost per fatality and types of laws, according to the report. Idaho, Wisconsin, South Carolina and South Dakota rounded out the riskiest states for impaired driving, according to the study.

The Dakotas, Idaho and Wisconsin each ranked among the highest consumption of alcohol in 2009, according to a study by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. In North Dakota, state police and sheriffs are cracking down on underage drinking during the season for prom and graduation this year.”

Montana is focused on discouraging impaired driving, after having 33 people die in traffic accidents during January, February and March, which double the number during the same period in 2015. Nearly three-quarters of the state’s fatalities during the last decade were because of impaired driving or failing to use seatbelts, according to the state Transportation Department.

The percentage of adults who reported driving after drinking too much during the previous month was 3.4% in Montana, compared to 1.9% nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said from a 2012 survey.

Meanwhile, Utah, where more than two-thirds of the residents are Mormons who eschew alcohol, ranked lowest for drunken-driving incidents, according to the study. That state was followed closely by Indiana and Florida, which tied, Georgia and Minnesota.

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