Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents in the United States

Each year, there are millions of accidents in the United States. Although the vast majority are just minor collisions that end up with few scratches, dents or some minor repairs to do, there are many accidents which end up with horrific injuries or with deceased persons. Competent authorities and organizations have reported the top 5 causes of car accidents in the United States. Read the following list, based on their reports, and try to avoid the mentioned factors. Also, having car insurance is important for any driver.  Get automobile insurance online quote for free, from our website. But first, let’s check the top accident causes.

  1. Distracted driving. Living in a modern society also comes with a series of disadvantages. One of them is the multitude of gadgets and flashy devices which can take our focus from the road ahead. Accidents caused by a distracted driver who talks on the smartphone or changes radio station have become a common thing. When driving, please silence and put away your phone, do not drink or eat, put makeup and always stay focused on the road and other traffic participants.autocar
  2. Driving immediately after drinking is another serious problem. Although the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers has decreased, is still one of the major causes.  If you intend to drink, you should ask someone else to drive or wait until the drinking effects disappear.
  3. Driving in bad weather conditions. Not adjusting the driving style to road conditions is likely to cause collisions. Always have the right tires and monitor the weather forecast.
  4. If you are speeding, you will have less time to react when a sudden obstacle appears.
  5. Mechanical problems. Not providing appropriate maintenance and technical inspections will certainly make your car malfunction sooner or later.

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