Volvo Will Accept Liability For Accidents Involving Their Autonomous Cars

Only a few days after unveiling the user interface for its upcoming IntelliSafe Auto Pilot self-driving system, Volvo’s president and chief executive Håkan Samuelsson said that the company would “accept full liability whenever one if its cars is in autonomous mode.” Volvo chief executive officer and president Håkan Samuelsson says one of the most worrying challenges facing the auto industry can be solved with a simple statement: Manufacturers should be held responsible if their autonomous technology causes car accidents. Two days after the Swedish automaker pledged to be “fully liable” for accidents caused by its self-driving technology, Samuelsson pushed the entire industry to follow Volvo’s example. So, if you plan buying a new Volvo car, you should also get free car insurance quotes online.

volvo-cars-logo-uk-quality-technology-softwareThis brave statement comes from a speech given at a seminar organized by Volvo called “A Future with Self Driving Cars – Is it Safe?” held at the House of Sweden in Washington DC. We’ve long been confident about the underlying technology of self-driving cars, but cautioned that any number of thorny legal issues – particularly those involving liability – could impede its introduction.

Volvo hasn’t officially elaborated exactly what “accept full liability” means, but is assumable it involves who would be held responsible if a self-driving car is involved in a crash, the “driver” or the automaker. Google and Mercedes-Benz reportedly said they will accept full liability if their self-driving vehicles cause a collision.

Samuelsson also called out federal regulators for not taking charge to establish a framework for regulation and testing of autonomous vehicles. “The US risks losing its leading position due to the lack of Federal guidelines for the testing and certification of autonomous vehicles,” he said. “The absence of one set of rules means car makers cannot conduct credible tests to develop cars that meet all the different guidelines of all 50 US states.”

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