What Discounts To Ask If You Are A Safe Driver

Find out what discounts to ask if you are a safe driver and get online auto insurance quotes for free.

auto1 - images (4)Good driver/claim-free – This is the best discount to get. As the name suggests, if you have several consecutive years without claims, you will become eligible for a discount. The value of the discount and its availability will depend on the insurer’s policy. And typically, you will have to wait at least 3 years before applying.

Good student – Many car insurance companies offer discounts for student who prefer to hit the book rather than wasting time outside. From an insurer’s point of view, being a good student means having a B average or higher, being on Dean’s Honor roll or having certain points at some tests. Recently graduating students may also be considered good students and offered a certain discount.

Professional organization – Being a member of certain professional groups may save you money on car insurance. This is known as affinity bonus and being member in an organization where company gets a pool of safe drivers is money-saving.

Low-risk occupation – Many car insurance companies offer savings for certain professions that have lower rates of accidents and claims by drivers in those jobs. For example, working at home is one things that will make your profession be considered low risk. You no longer have to commute daily and be exposed to accidents.

Driver training – You may be able to lower your premium by completing an approved driver education program. One of these programs is the defensive driving class. You will not only improve your driving skill, but also learn how to assess driving hazards and mitigate the risk.  And with graduation comes the precious rewards: lower insurance premiums. Of course, the class you graduated must be first approved by the insurer.

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