What Influences Car Insurance Costs

We always recommend you to get a car insurance quote before buying any insurance plan. Use quotes to find the best deals on the market. But first, find out what influences car insurance costs and how to keep them under control:

  1. # auto-insurance-discountsBrand and model of vehicle you want to insure. Details of your car will weigh heavily the cost of premiums. Insurers will require exact info about the mark of the car, the model, when it was built and other relevant things (mileage, power, safety gears).  You should know that very expensive cars are also expensive to ensure.  Antique cars are also extremely costly to insure.
  2. Your driving history. If you are an experienced driver and you have some knowledge with driving cars, you will certainly be bestowed with lower rates.   Driving history is a very important factor in the calculation and if you have many felonies recorded, you will be considered a high risk driver. That will make rates get higher.
  3. Parking spot. The company finds this information very important. If your parking spot is on a main road, your vehicle will be considered at a higher risk to be stolen or damaged.  Accidents to parked cars or auto thefts are common and the company will have to reimburse the damage/theft. Persons who park their cars in a garage will get lower rates.
  4. Installed safety devices. If you install several safety devices and systems, you can get cheaper prices for car insurance. The insurance company will feel more comfortable offering lower rates to persons that protect their cars with rear cameras, tracking devices, anti-theft devices, high-end alarms and all other types of devices.
  5. Living in a high crime density area. Car insurance companies consider this factor really important. They want to know if you live in an area where many stolen cars or vandalized cars have been reported recently. Insurance companies calculate the premiums based on assumptions and statistics.

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