What is GPP Insurance?

Many of us are familiar with comprehensive, PIP, collision or UIM/UM coverage. But what about GPP? If you ever came across this acronym, it is likely you got a bit confused. GPP stands for Guaranteed Protection Plan. Find out more about this policy and what it covers. Also, get auto quotes online, for free, from our website.

GPP stands for Guaranteed Protection Plan, and is a special car coverage, generally offered by a third party company such as a car alarm installer. GPP is meant to pay for your deductible if the car is stolen while an insured alarm is active. The company will refund your comprehensive deductible up to named limit (usually $2,500) if your car is stolen with while the alarm is installed and armed in your vehicle.  Basically the alarm company is saying their system should work and prevent a thief from taking your vehicle but if it does not they will reimburse you for your loss.

Typically, companies, like car alarm companies, will advertise a Guaranteed Protection Plan that covers up to $2,500. In reality, the company will only pay you $2,500 if your deductible is $2,500. Otherwise, they’ll pay whatever your deductible is – whether it’s $500, $1,500, or $2,500. In other words, you’re unlikely to receive $2,500 in compensation if your deductible is $500.

This is a great way to separate reputable car alarm companies from the rest of the industry. Any good car alarm company is confident that it’s alarm cannot be disabled –so they’ll be happy to provide a Guaranteed Protection Plan.

To qualify for GPP, you’ll need to meet specific qualifications, including:

  • The car alarm system was sold, installed, and serviced by an authorized dealer
  • The car alarm system remains in the car in which it was originally installed
  • The car alarm window decal must be installed at the time of installation
  • The vehicle was stolen due to the failure of the alarm system
  • The car alarm was not deactivated or disarmed for any reason prior to the theft
  • You must attach a police report to your GPP claim
  • The vehicle must be insured against theft at the time the vehicle was stolen, and your insurance company must accept and pay the claim.

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