What Is Short Term Car Insurance?

There are several situations when you need coverage only for a few days, maximum a month. In this case, getting short term car insurance is ideal for you. Find out more about this coverage type and get auto insurance quote online from our website. Make sure to read all terms and conditions before purchasing any policy.

Short term motor insurance will provide cover on a vehicle for a temporary period of time. It will depend on your insurer as to what vehicles you’re able to cover, but it’s usually available for cars, vans and, in some cases, motor-homes and motorbikes.

The convenience and cost of this type of cover could potentially be cheaper than making a change to an existing annual policy and, if you need to make a claim on it, it should not affect your existing no claims bonus.

Cover is typically comprehensive but there are third party, fire and theft options available. It is possible to take out a short term insurance policy alongside your annual car insurance policy if necessary, for example if you own a vehicle that you only drive on weekends.

Insurers will impose certain restrictions on their policies to help reduce the risk of claims. For example, insurers will typically insist that drivers must be over 19 and have held a full driving license for at least a year.

Situations in which this coverage may be a sound option:

  • Hiring or borrowing a vehicle
  • Collecting or delivering a vehicle
  • Test driving a car
  • Driving a dealer’s courtesy car whilst yours is being serviced or repaired
  • Sharing a long drive with a friend
  • Using a classic or sports vehicle as a second car that you rarely drive
  • A young driver who sometimes uses a family member’s car
  • In need of a vehicle for an emergency

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