Why You Should Avoid Being Labeled High Risk Driver

There is a special label for drivers who commit multiple accidents, get too many tickets, are caught with DUI, lie their insurer and other bad deeds. This is the infamous “high-risk driver” label and nobody wants to be called so. A high risk driver pays a whole lot more money in order to stay insured. To find out how much, just compare car insurance quotes.

Getting the ill-famed “high risk driver” label means that if you are insured with a standard carrier, they may set your policy to non-renew, meaning that at the end of the policy term they will not be granted the chance of having your coverage renewed for one more term. It’s  very likely that if one company has non-renewed you and classified you as high risk, other standard insurance companies will view your driving record in much the same way. And that will make it really hard to get insurance plans. Having gaps in coverage is another nail to the coffin, since this problem is also a factor for being labeled high-risk driver.  So, you will be caught in a vicious circle if you do not get that problem fixed as soon as possible.  As a high-risk driver, your options will be limited to non-standard carriers or state-financed insurance plans. As you can easily figure out, they are not the best or cheapest options available.

Drivers with high-risk cars will also be placed in the same risk category. Exotic, sports, super, and collectible cars are all considered high-risk. You may have options when purchasing specialized auto insurance for these vehicles, and it is recommended to talk with specialized agents and insurance companies about this. Keep in mind that an expensive car is always expensive to insure.

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