Winter Maintenance Tips For Motorcycles

Winter can be a harsh time of the year for your beloved motorcycle, too.  It is best not to drive with your bike on slippery roads. Until it gets warmer, you should properly store your motorcycle in a garage. In order to make sure that it stays in good condition, you must follow some guidelines. Check the following winter maintenance tips for motorcycles. Additionally, you can check our website for motorcycle and auto insurance cheap deals. But first, let’s check the following tips:

  1. Change the oil. Assuming you will not ride the bike for at least three months, change the used oil with a fresh batch. You should also change your oil filter while you’re at it. Keep in mind that when old engine oil is allowed to sit for months on end, it can negatively affect performance when the engine gets throttling again, due to chemical breakdown.
  2. Wash the vehicle before storing it. Check for dust, dirt, and debris that’s collected in various crevices and surface areas. Thoroughly wash the motorcycle and remove all unwanted objects. Letting your bike covered in dirt during winter can lead to corrosion.
  3. Check the battery. A battery’s stored energy dissipates slowly over time to varying degrees, to a point in which becomes totally discharged. To avoid this, you should install a battery tender, which helps maintain a battery’s charge. Or you can simply remove the battery from your motorcycle completely.
  4. Check tire pressure. Air inside of a cylinder condenses under cold conditions. This is why you should pump some air in your tires during winter. Otherwise, they will be flat when you start the bike. Take care of your bike and you will enjoy precious moments again, when the weather becomes warmer again.

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